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To fulfill the promise of on-target gene editing from discovery to patient

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Physicians and regulators are concerned that changes to a patient’s genome might have unintended, life-altering consequences

It will be imperative to understand the off-target risk profile of your therapy to inform regulatory filings, support patient and clinician decision making, and to conduct post market surveillance

Invaluable gene editing off-target insights from initial research to patient therapies

Through every phase of development, our portfolio of solutions assesses and identifies both on-target specificity and off-target risks to support research and development, inform study design, enable clinical trial enrollment, and ensure access to therapy in the clinic.

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SeQure Dx comprehensively evaluates and confirms on- and off-target events using proprietary analytical tools that deliver unparalleled sensitivity and scalability.

Our diagnostics are editor-agnostic and scalable — providing both individual and population level insight.

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Come join an energetic, focused, and dynamic team that supports career growth as well as personal well-being.

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