Company Overview

Our Mission

We fulfill the promise of on-target gene editing therapies from discovery to patient impact

Gene Editing

With the development of gene editing therapeutics over the past decade, the need to define and understand companion off-target effects has come to the forefront. Several ideas were proposed to identify off-target risks with ONE-seq recently emerging as the most promising platform. SeQure Dx was founded to integrate ONE-seq into a comprehensive diagnostic portfolio that can provide a full assessment and subsequent management of off-target risks to fulfill the promise of gene editing’s therapeutic potential.

Discovery of off-target editing and SeQure’s history


SeQure Dx develops and launches NoteSeQ for partner off-target evaluations


FDA published draft guidance “Human Gene Therapy Products Incorporating Human Genome Editing”


SeQure Dx founded to identify and manage off-target risks for biopharma


ONE-seq developed in Keith Joung’s MGH lab to identify off-target editing


First CRISPR-based gene editing human clinical trial starts


GUIDE-seq developed in Keith Joung’s Lab to identify off-target editing


Fu, Y. et. al. “High-frequency off-target mutagenesis induced by CRISPR-cas nucleases in human cells ” published in Nature


First CRISPR-based gene editing companies are founded