Private: Our Team

Andy Hollinger

Andy Hollinger

Director, Lab Operations

What are some of your favorite hobbies / activities outside of the office?

When I’m not dreaming up new workflows and process optimizations, I can often be found at my workbench, tinkering with electronics, or fabricating mechanical parts for bicycles, motorcycles, or the house.

What parts of SeQure’s mission do you most connect with?

Gene editing is an incredibly power tool, and it’s critical to use these tools safely and efficiently. We are looking out for patients and scientists the world over, ensuring the application of gene editing technologies are held to the highest standards.

What makes SeQure a great place to work?

There is an amazing group of people here that are dedicated to the mission. We have strong alignment, and there is a tremendously open and collaborative culture that will help us get to where we need to be.

Why did you join SeQure?

I knew that my skills sets would be fully utilized, I knew that I would sleep well knowing that the company’s mission is aligned with my morals, and I knew that the size and stage of organizational development was at a point where things are very exciting.